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General Tire and Nascar

About General Tire

General Tire, a brand of Continental was founded in 1915, celebrating over 100 years in the tyre industry. The General Tire brand has proven its ability to compete in the constantly changing tyre industry with manufacturing and technological advancements, ensuring their products stay at the forefront of tyre performance. Their tyres are produced for many different vehicles, but their speciality is 4x4 and SUV tyres. With a wide range of tyre patterns and sizes, they continue the on-going tradition of being the customers’ choice when it comes to quality, value and performance. This commitment is demonstrated by General Tire's strapline ‘Anywhere is Possible’ – a mission statement used to convey all aspects of performance, handling and durability across the full spectrum of driving situations. 



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Altimax One & One S

Swim Wild


Recommended General tyres

All General tyres

General Altimax A/S 365

Altimax A/S 365

Prices from £49.80
General Altimax Comfort

Altimax Comfort

Prices from £42.48
General Altimax One

Altimax One

Prices from £53.40
General Altimax One S

Altimax One S

Prices from £52.56
General Altimax Sport

Altimax Sport

Prices from £56.52
General Altimax Winter 3

Altimax Winter 3

Prices from £49.80
General Eurovan 2

Eurovan 2

Prices from £63.84
General Eurovan A/S 365

Eurovan A/S 365

Prices from £77.70
General Eurovan Winter 2

Eurovan Winter 2

Prices from £65.70
General Grabber A/S 365

Grabber A/S 365

Prices from £109.56
General Grabber AT 2

Grabber AT 2

Prices from £142.62
General Grabber AT 3

Grabber AT 3

Prices from £92.40
General Grabber GT

Grabber GT

Prices from £82.62
General Grabber HP

Grabber HP

Prices from £109.56
General Grabber HTS60

Grabber HTS60

Prices from £117.18
General Grabber TR

Grabber TR

Prices from £97.32
General Grabber UHP

Grabber UHP

Prices from £167.10
General Grabber X3

Grabber X3

Prices from £118.14
General Grabber X3 SRL

Grabber X3 SRL

Prices from £168.36
General Snow Grabber Plus

Snow Grabber Plus

Prices from £91.20
General Super All Grip (SAG)

Super All Grip (SAG)

Prices from £147.54

General Tire - Anywhere is possible

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